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Sagamore Home Mortgage will work with you to determine your best loan options.  The starting point is completing a preliminary loan application.  This application allows us to acquire an initial loan approval for you within one day.  There is no cost to you, or obligation on your part.  However, this approval will become the basis for finding you the best financing option possible.

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Short-form Application: If you are ready to find out if you qualify for a loan and what sort of interest rate you can get; submit the Short-form Application.  This application form only takes a  few minutes and much of the information we ask for is optional.  You will be able to direct your application to a specific Loan Officer or submit it to the company.  We'll put you in touch with one of our excellent Loan Officers in your area. 

Request a free consultation: If you just have some questions or want some guidance prior to initiating the application process; request a consultation.  You will be able to submit your request to a specific Loan Officer, or submit your request to the company for a response.

All the information you submit is securely encrypted and protected.  

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